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June 28, 2023
UPS’ chances of averting a strike are shrinking. How should shippers prepare for the worst?

“Imminent.” “Inevitable.” “Just the beginning.”

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is escalating its rhetoric against UPS as the two sides attempt to reach a tentative labor agreement ahead of the expiration of their current five-year national contract on July 31. Economic terms like pay and benefits remain roadblocks in talks, and the Teamsters say they will strike Aug. 1 if a deal isn’t in place by then.

June 27, 2023
Biden vetoes bid by Congress to reinstate tariffs on solar panel imports from SE Asia

President Joe Biden on Tuesday vetoed a congressional resolution that would have reinstated tariffs on solar panel imports from Southeast Asia, settling for now a long-running dispute over whether to punish China for trade violations that bypass U.S. rules limiting imports of cheap solar panels from Asia.

The result of Biden’s veto is that a two-year delay on tariffs will continue until at least June 2024.